Microblading is the revolutionary technique to help you achieve natural looking, semi-permanent eyebrows. Due to the natural finished look of this procedure it is suitable for everyone, no matter what your eyebrow concern is! One of the most rewarding clients we have are ladies over a certain age, who have thinning and greying eyebrows.

Although people may think this kind of treatment is for the younger generation, this is far from the case. Here at Kosmetiko we have seen quite a few older clients, and the results are incredible. Not only does the treatment give clients a brow transformation, but it also completely renews the whole eye area. With the addition of a shaped brow, it lifts and brightens the eye, giving the client an overall more youthful look.

One of the biggest advocates for microblading is Helen Miriam. This well known actor had microblading last year as she wanted to add to her space brows. At 73 years old and still in the public eye she has openly spoken about what the treatment has done for her.

I was fed up with my brows barely being there and when one of my girlfriends got it done, I thought that they looked great. They’re very lightly and delicately done – but it means that when I get up in the morning and I have no makeup on, at least I have eyebrows. It’s made a huge difference. – Helen Miriam

If you are interested in having microblading done yourself, or think its the perfect treatment for a friend or family member, do not hesitate to get in contact. We will answer all of your questions and help you on your way to beautiful brows.

sales@kosmetikoclinic.co.uk, 01484 444549

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